September 11, 2012 – Campus Management Partners with SchoolDocs to Provide Electronic Document Management Solution for its Student Information System — Partnership Enables Colleges and Universities to Go Paperless

SchoolDocs is a document management and tracking solution designed specifically for postsecondary educational institutions. SchoolDocs integrates closely with most student management systems, so that student data, scenarios, and indexes do not need to be redundantly entered into two different databases. This feature offers schools an assurance that different, conflicting data does not appear in multiple systems and that underlying student documents can be accessed directly from within the SMS.

SchoolDocs simplifies and adds value to the regulatory, licensing, accreditation, and Department of Education compliance processes. It’s an essential management tool, which allows schools to anticipate and document each compliance element. It supports records retention policies and requirements related to the lifecycle, disposition, and destruction of student and corporate documents, and helps ensure maintenance and documentation of student privacy requirements.

SchoolDocs also manages internal corporate documents and monitors due dates of required documentation for single or multiple campuses.

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